The communities we’re a part of help form our identity. Communities created by your family (I’m a Young!), or workplace (I’m a banker!), your favorite sports team (Love my Steelers) or a hobby (I like whiskey!) all contribute to who we are. Whether we find ourselves in our communities or choose them, we tend to take pride in them because we like being reminded of the things that make us unique.

Whiskey drinkers are a strong community. I know the whiskey drinkers in my neighborhood. During our barbecues, I make sure to search them out so we discuss what each other has been tasting. We each have different interests, but that’s what stretches our palettes. Invariably, as the night wears on, someone will run back to their house to grab a bottle to share.

Our love of whiskey forms a small community and a creates an enjoyable bond.

No matter where you are in your whiskey journey, fellow drinkers love to share their knowledge. You might be a bourbon drinker finding their way to scotch, or vice versa. I love my neighborhood crew, but there are great online communities as well. has a great one, and the r/whiskey subreddit welcomes all types of questions, discussions and celebrations.

The best part about whiskey is that the journey can last a lifetime. If you are a casual drinker or researching the next big release of rare scotch, there are many flavors to enjoy and many different levels of quality to experience.

But whiskey drinking isn’t only about the taste and the community. There are cool accessories to help improve your experience, like decanters and glasses. Decanters are a great way to show the whiskey while it’s waiting for it’s next pour.

And, of course, the glass you drink out of is critical! There are really cool and expensive glasses and also standard rocks and whiskey glasses.

One way to jazz up a standard rocks glass is to have it etched with something that is important to you. This is another way to connect your whiskey drinking to your identity, and enhance your enjoyment of the moment. For example, I have a whiskey glass with my favorite rocker, Mark Lanegan. It’s a great conversation starter. I also have one with my initials. I like reaching for these glasses when it’s time to relax and enjoy some whiskey.

If you are a whiskey drinker or ever looking for a gift for a whiskey drinker, definitely consider an accessory like a decanter or a rocks glass with a symbol that means something to the drinker.

Everything is better when we remind ourselves of who we are.

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