Posted on December 10, 20131


From Texas, to the Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic Region, most of the US has been affected by winter storm Dion. With my car buried under a huge heap of snow, I decided the Lamb and I would have some fun in our own backyard. First things first we needed some nourishment so I whipped up a happy little bowl of cream of wheat. He dug right in and kept asking for more eyes. Kind of creepy but I’ll do what it takes to get him to consume something healthy.

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Bundling up yourself and a Toddler takes a little time….


I wanted to make this extra fun so I pulled out an old momproject gone wrong, mason jar citronella candles (the citronella would climb right up the wick and dribble all over the jar and anything else in the vicinity). Essentially what I had left of this project was mason jars with small holes drilled in the lids- perfect! I filled them with water and food coloring.


Let the Snow painting begin! These are great because you can turn them upside down and just a little will spill out. You won’t find yourself running back and forth into the house to refill them.


I don’t know about you but we seem to collect dozens of water bottles around here. I decided to try one of them out too, it was a hit!

The snow was so pretty, especially before the painting began. If it weren’t for Lambie’s mittens falling off every 10-15 seconds we would have stayed out a lot longer. Does anyone know of a good brand of mittens that stay on? Please help!


Last we took a little ride in the sled and made a track which I think was the highlight. We live and breathe trains over here.


I guess the mittens fell off one too many times! Heading back in for some lunch!


Stay warm and stay safe!