Quarantine Whiskey Glass


Sturdy glass construction
4″ tall, 3.25″ diameter holds 12.5 oz.
Gift Box Options Available
Dishwasher Safe

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A great glass to help get you through the quarantine of 2020.

SANDBLASTED BY HAND for long-lasting durability. Unlike with laser engraving, etching retains their clarity and crispness without fading or dulling over the life of the glass.

EACH GLASS MEASURES 3.25″ Diameter 4″ Height

DISHWASHER SAFE and durable enough for everyday use for easy post-party clean-up.

GIFT BOX OPTIONS available to make gifting easy and attractive. Choose from many different colors, each gift box comes tied with a coordinating ribbon.

A Little About Our Process…

At Morning Fog Studios we hand etch each glass using the preferred method of sandblasting. We start by designing a custom stencil for your glass. The stencil is applied to your glass as it is prepped for sandblasting. Etching is done by blasting highly pressurized sand onto the glass, creating a clean and permanent etching. Sandblasted designs are deeper and crisper than alternative methods such as laser engraving. You will feel the difference in quality and so will the recipient!



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