Funny Belated Birthday Card- Belated is the new black


Size: 5.5 x 4.25 in
Printing: Letterpress
Inside Message: Blank
Paper: White cotton
Envelope: Brown bag
Ink: Black

Available: In stock (can be backordered)

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It feels bad when you miss a special persons birthday, quick recovery is the next best thing to remembering. Sending a funny belated birthday card keeps things light and can diffuse the situation. We chose this “Belated is the new black” birthday card to keep handy for just this occasion.  Saying your sorry is appropriate but don’t over do it with too many apologies. This card is great because it’s simple and funny!

At Morning Fog Studios, you can have this card sent, with a personalized glass straight to your special person! Let’s face it, you are already late so the last thing you have time for is to order something, wait for it to arrive, package it back up and find time to mail it. Our mission is to make gifting easy so let us do all of that for you. You may be asking a few questions,

How will they know who the Funny belated birthday card is from?

Here is the best part. Enter your personal message in the message box and we will *hand write it in the card for you. It is that simple! An additional charge may apply.

What should I say in my card?

We can help out there too. We like these messages, use them on their own or as a starting point for your personal  apology.

“I can’t believe time has gone so quickly that I forgot to send something over for your birthday. I hope you had a great day and know that I’m thinking of you today and always. Let’s get together for a birthday celebration as soon as you’re free!”

“*Happy 14th Day* of your new year, from your quirky friend that does things her own way”

“I didn’t technically forget,  I am fashionably late as usual!”

“I forgot to wish you on your birthday, but lets have a late cheer to remind you that you had a birthday. Hope you had lots of fun.”

For more Ideas, we like this post!

Most Importantly

Immediately after ordering this gift, set a reminder in your phone for next year.


*Handwriting disclaimer- It will not look like yours.






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