Etched Whiskey Glasses


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Sandblasted text is permanently and deeply etched onto glass
12.5 ounce capacity
Dishwasher Safe
4 inch in height and 3 inch diameter

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These personalized etched whiskey glasses are beautifully sandblasted by hand which means the design will last as long as the glass. They are perfect for celebrating a birthday or special event. Not only does their cylindrical shape create a sleek silhouette, they are easy to hold. The whiskey glass has a classic elegant design while the thick base and chip-resistant rim ensure it will withstand daily use.

Customization Options

Because we offer many choices, your glass will be truly unique. Select our gift box option for an easy and beautiful gift. If you choose this option, we will place your glass in the box color of your choice, tied with a coordinating ribbon.

Customize a personalized etched whiskey glass with the name of your choice today. We have many  styles to choose from including different font and glass options. A personalized gift is great for anyone in your life, either on a special occasion or just because!

Etched Whiskey Glass Details

EACH 12.5 OUNCE GLASS MEASURES 4″ H and has a diameter just over 3″. Personalization includes the name on the glass. These DISHWASHER SAFE etched whiskey glasses have a chip resistant rim for added durability.

Our Method

At Morning Fog Studios, each glass is hand etched using the preferred method of sandblasting. We start by designing a custom stencil for your glass. The stencil is applied to your glass before sandblasting. Etching is done by blasting highly pressurized sand onto the glass, creating a clean and permanent etching. Sandblasted designs are typically deeper and crisper than alternative methods such as laser engraving. You will feel the difference in quality, whether it is for personal use or a gift it is sure to be highly valued.


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