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Something happened this weekend that hasn’t happened in the 3 years I have lived here, I cleaned the entire house in one day. Do you ever just get to that point where you can’t take another minute living in your mess? I got there on Sunday and worked from dusk till dawn…I am exhausted thinking about it but what a great way to start the week with a clean house!!

I thought I may be short a blog post today thinking there is NO WAY, I can make something, take pics, write a post all in one nappy time. Well….I was wrong!! These monogrammed mugs were in and out of the mom projects lab in about 30 minutes! The hardest part was making the stencil which I did with my sillhouette cameo and an awesome little font called Superclarendon. Here’s how it is done!

Shopping List

  1. Glasses- These I chose because I like the handle, they are $1.50 at IKEA, and well I had them in the house
  2. Glass etching kit- I bought this Martha Stewart one
  3. adhesive stencils- You can buy them at a craft store or make some if you have the tools


Apply adhesive stencil to the glass. Make sure you put the stencil on straight, and if you are doing a whole name like I did, it is essential they are all in the same place on the glasses or it will look messy.

young pegboard

Apply the etching cream in a thick even layer. Don’t let it go off the stencil, it should just cover the window where the letter is cut out.

Apply the ugly brown etching cream

Apply the ugly brown etching cream

Wait 15 minutes and wash off the etching cream. Remove the sticker and there you have it!! I actually didn’t think it worked when I was rinsing it off and was getting pretty annoyed.You can’t really tell until the stencil or sticker is removed. I almost jumped up and down when I saw it I was so excited!

Drink up!!


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I was featured on boogie board cottage this week- yay!!

Boogieboard Cottage