Magic Lady Bracelets1

I guess I keep strolling down memory lane this week, along with fond felt childhood memories are ones of a special bracelet my mom called the ‘Magic Lady Bracelet’. Here is how it works…you wear the bracelet and you are transformed into a polite sweet lady…magically! My mom had us convinced so when there was a special ‘best behavior’ occasion, on went the magic lady bracelets.

Magic Lady Bracelets3

Now, I don’t have a daughter but I do have nieces and they are always perfect ladies I am sure my sisters have no need for these bracelets but I decided to make them for the girls anyway. I figured there just may be a mom or two out there that could use another trick to get their darling girls to behave extra well so I decided this was worth the post.

Magic Lady Bracelets2

Do they work? You won’t see a statement of guarantee on this page but you can bet I will ask my mom when I see her over Thanksgiving!

Supplies Needed:
There is quite a huge selection now at Micheal’s however you should also check if you have a bead store nearby. I discovered Blue Santa Beads just down the street and it is my new favorite store!

Flat Nose Pliers (spring loaded is awesome for the plier sets)
Bent Chain Pliers
Wire Cutters
Lobster Clasps
Open Circles
Wire protectors (optional)
Wire (I used .3mm)
Last but not least….Beads!

Now I’ll spill the beads on how to do this. If you want to see more detail, I made a video which is linked up at the bottom of the post.

1.) Cut your wire with the wire cutters, the length should be a few inches longer than the actual bracelet.


2.) Use both sets of pliers to create an opening in the open circle. Grip on each side of the opening and slightly turn your wrists. slide your lobster clasp on and close it shut with the pliers.


This is what your lobster clasp with the open circle attached should look like


3.) Slide the wire through one of the circles on the wire protector. bring the wire up over the top and slide through the other circle. The wire should fit neatly in the channel.


4.) Slide the lobster clasp onto the wire protector. Notice that big divet in my nail polish-it’s driving me nuts! I am going to slap one of these bracelets on my son so he will be good and let me fix my nails. Ok, back to business…


5.) Slide the crimp onto the long end of the wire being careful not to let the clasp fall off the other end. Bring the crimp all the way down to the wire protector and slide the short end of the wire through the crimp as well. You are half way there!


6.) Use the chain nose pliers to pinch the crimp tight, there should be 2 wires coming out of the crimp, the long side and a short piece.


6.) Slide the beads onto the bracelet, you can choose whatever pattern you like!


7.) Slide another crimp onto the end of the wire


8.) Slide the wire protector on next through one of the small circles. Bring the wire over the top of the wire protector and slide it through the small circle opening on the other end and make sure it fits into the channel on top.


9.) slide an open circle onto the wire protector


10.) Slide the end of the wire through the crimp and make it tight but with a little slack so the bracelet will bend easily. Pinch the crimp shut with the chain nose pliers.


11.) Trim the wire down and slide it under the beads. The chain nose pliers work great to help it through.


And Finally….

12.) Place bracelet on your child, get yourself a magazine, cup of coffee and put your feet up. There will be no mis-bead-havin’!

Magic Lady Bracelets4

If you want to actually see this in action, here is a video tutorial!

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