I have to admit, I went out in late Spring and bought a sunhat because I was way behind in projects and just didn’t squeeze this one in. I will bet though that there are a few other moms and maybe some dads that find themselves looking for a Sunhat in July when all of the cute ones are sold out. Here is a quick tutorial for making your own.

First download the Baby Sunhat Pattern for Free! This pattern is for small, medium or large hats. Click the Tweet & Get It button below!

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Next, use the pattern to cut out the brim and top pieces. You will need 12 pieces for the top, I suggest cutting 6 on the fold of the fabric to save a little time. The brim MUST be cut on the fold, you will need to cut 2 out of fabric and one out of interfacing.

Once the pieces are cut out with RIGHT sides of fabric together stitch 3 of the top pieces together. You will have a total of 4 of these, the photo shows 2.

Now, take two of the 3 piece sections and with right sides all the way around the outer edge so when you turn it inside out you end up with a bowl shape. Do the same thing on the other two 3 piece sections so you have 2 ‘bowls’.

With WRONG sides of bowls together, match center and seams and baste (loosely stitch) raw edges together.

Now, apply fusible interfacing to WRONG side of brim, following manufacturer’s directions. Stitch center back seam of brim.

Stitch center back seam of the other brim piece. With RIGHT sides together, stitch facing to brim, matching centers, leaving inner edges open, trim inside seam. Turn brim right side out and press. Add a topstitch around the outer edge of the brim. Baste inside raw edges together. I apologize for not having a photo here, basically you should end up with a lifesaver looking brim with the inside part of the circle raw and loosely stitched. See the photo in the next step to get an image of what the brim should look like.

On outside, pin brim to hat matching centers. Stitch along seam line over previous stitching.

Try the hat on your little one if possible and use a fabric pen to place a dot where you want each tie. it should be slightly in front of their ear. Cut ribbon for hat ties, on OUTSIDE, center ends of ties over small dots that you made. Stitch ribbons or ties onto hat.

On OUTSIDE, pin band, I used grosgrain ribbon 5/8″, over lower edge of hat (over brim), turning over and lapping one end at center back. Stitch close to edge of band. Trim seam under band.


Turn hat right side out and put a topstitch right above the brim seam, this will stitch the other side of the band in place. Now send that baby out into the hot smoldering sun, make yourself a cold bevie and relax!! Just kidding, you actually should use the UVA protected fabric if you plan on using this for blocking the sun. I just think HE (yes he!) looks cute. So adorable it won’t even bother me when the moms at the playground ask me how old SHE is