We Want To Make A Glass For You

Welcome to Morning Fog Studios, where we do NOT discriminate on the basis of drink, we just want you to sip your bevie like a boss!

Hi, I am Heidi, founder of Morning Fog Studios. Here, we get absolutely excited about combining colors, monograms, and different styles of glasses to make unique & original drinking vessels. We also think it’s pretty cool that no one can drink from your glass without it being super obvious. If you are a water guzzler, beer pong champion, or someone that knows Netflix and wine is the new P&J…Let’s talk.

Our Process For Etching Glass

Each Morning Fog Studios glass is sand-blasted with etching stencils created specifically for your glass. As soon as you get your box open, you’ll understand the difference. It’s precision and quality that catches the eye and warms the heart. And it lasts from your very first glance to your hundredth toast, and every time after that. We know you’re going to love your Morning Fog glasses. And we’re thrilled to share in the good things, from your grandest celebrations to those small victories that put a little hop in your step. Cheers!

Our philosophy
  • Design
    Our custom work is always striving to be cutting edge. We also can take your branding and create a modern masterpiece.
  • Execution
    Made with the most state-of-the-art equipment and each glass is sand-blasted with care and precision.
  • Quality Product
    If you are not happy with our product or it arrives damaged (hey, it happens), please contact us and we always make it right!

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