When November rolls around, it seems like everywhere you look people are talking about upcoming get togethers – Friendsgiving, anyone? What better way to kick off the holiday season than by gathering all of your friends in one place to celebrate how thankful you are for one another? Here are 5 new friendsgiving gift ideas that will make your celebration truly unique.
While you’re thinking about the dish that you’re going to bring, we’re thinking about the person who is probably, at this very moment, scrambling around trying to figure out how they’re going to host a HUGE dinner party  for all of their closest friends. When will they find the time to clean the house from top to bottom? To go grocery shopping? To decorate? Not to mention – to actually cook things!
We know, we know. This happens every year and somehow they will pull it off and it will be a beautiful evening filled with best friends and better food! But maybe, just maybe, the thought hadn’t crossed your mind when you show up with your dish ready to party to think of the hostess! What better way to say “thank  you” to them than with a personalized gift? We have some ideas.
  1. Personalized Wine Glass

    Friendsgiving ideas

    What could be more appropriate for the occasion? They might have already had a glass (or two) before the guests arrived, but we can guarantee they’ll swap out whatever glass they’re using once they see this one that won’t be mistaken for anyone else’s.


  2. Friendsgiving Accessories
    Friendsgiving Cups
    Friendsgiving wine tag
    This one’s a no brainer.  Bring the party! Napkins, cups and a wine tag (to go with your bottle of wine host/hostess gift). Friendsgiving is on!


  3. His & Hers Plates

    His and Her Plates

    It might be a little while before the host and/or hostess decide to entertain again, but with Christmas and other festivities coming up, it’s probably inevitable. These personalized plates would make an elegant addition to an upcoming dinner party.


  4. Outdoor Glassware

    Outdoor Wine Glasses

    Campfire season is on the horizon, and these stainless steel wine glasses make the perfect outdoor-friendly swap for your glassware. These are a versatile gift you can be sure will be used over and over again throughout the year!


  5. Personalized Tea Set

    Personalized Tea Set

Less of a wine drinker and more of a coffee or tea person? We have something for them, too – a monogrammed tea set! Going into the holiday season, they’ll think of you whenever they curl up on the couch with a fluffy blanket and a hot cup of tea.  



It’s true, you can’t go wrong with any of these friendsgiving gift ideas. After all, it is the thought that counts isn’t it?